How To Use Headphones As A Microphone?

The question is why you need a record and listen to something like that. For the three might be the case that you want to talk to a friend on Skype or make an announcement with no microphone.

Hence in the case, you must be wondering about people who are converting their headphones. As their mic and you are wondering how they did it? 

Thus the prime reason is that headphones and microphones are the same in the construction. In a pinch, headphones can be transformed into the mic. All you need to do is to check how they do it.

You must be surprised to know that headphones and microphones are identical. Because of diaphragm, and both have vibrations. Like it is the procedure that these vibrations are responsible to create a sound to be recorded. 

Here we are giving you the summary so that you will know about the usage of headphones as a mic. To use it as a mic, all you need to be to plug into the mic of the device. 

However, you need to make sure that the voice levels of microphones must be below. Then you need to talk into it and then adjust them as per your need. If the mixer has the EQ control, you must also keep it low to improve your voice’s bookies and increase the highs.

One of the critical factors is the feedback, which is the more pitch from the microphone to pick up the signal. Whereas there is not that difficult work as headphones have a large surface area, it is efficient enough to catch your voice’s feedback. 

Moreover, here you must be able to turn off the booth material so that you will pick your music or your voice. You must also make it sure that your announcement turns the mic off then unplug the headphones. Which is easy as it seems. 

Optimize the sound

To adjust the system’s overall input volume, you must select the “Sound “option in your control panel. Hence it is the best thing to get into your hand it is the only way that you can manage the quality of the conversion. 

Mechanisms of earphones

Most of the earphones and the earbuds feature the four band 3.5mm. Here the system has a TRRS connector with the three insulators separating the four sections. It is a way that can provide the additional output to the best output. 

For all the computers, do not have the earphone jacks, and the external microphone adaptor can convert 3.5 mm TRRS. It is with the three-band 3.5mm microphone input with three sections and two insulators. 


Once you have found the microphone, you will get the audio input or the line in or the jack on the computer into the jack. You can control everything by managing audio control over the search bar and then click it. Hence in the way, you will be able to control everything along the way.

After that, you can click on the recording tab and then on the sound control panel. However, meanwhile, it must continuously blow into the earphones and watch for the green bars to react. It will indicate the system to respond due to surrounding voices. Once you have got the improvised microphone working and listed, select the default button and then click ok. Then you will be ready to use it. 

Adjust the mic loudness

To do, you need to improve the input loudness and then adjust the microphones to level the sound. After that, you can click the Properties button and then click the level tab. Finally, you need to move the microphone boost slider to adjust the lever. 

Moving right can make your microphone louder and left can make your microphone quitter. Warning: fixing the microphone too high can end up in the production of clipper sounds. 

If you are in a fix to convert the headphones into the microphone, then there is a must to shift the receiver. But if you are expecting the high-quality audio, then you cannot. With the help of this type of shifting, you are only able to shift your cell phone into a low-quality recording.

Bottom Line

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