10 Best Monitors For Eyes 2023

Prolonged usage of digital devices can cause acute or chronic vision impairments. That’s why we suggest you look for the best monitors for eyes.

Looking at your monitor screen for hours can cause eye strain, headaches, and fatigue. Constant exposure to blue-light screens is the primary culprit behind most of the vision problems. 

According to The Vision Council, around 59% of American adults experience symptoms of digital eye strain.

In order to minimize the eyesight problems, you need to find the best monitors for eyes. It can help you take care of your deteriorating vision.

Thanks to the leading brands that have devised eye care monitors with Blue light Filter Technology, anti-glare, and anti flickering screens. Especially for people who truly care about their vision and want to reduce the harmful effects of viewing screens for longer periods.

For your convenience, we have gone through dozens of reviews from various customers to compile this list of 10 best monitors for eyes.

BenQ GW2780

27 inch
FHD 1080p
IPS display
Slim bezels


27 inch
G-SYNC Compatible


15.6 inch
1366x768 touch display
Flicker-free backlighting

Sceptre Sceptre E255B

25 inch
FHD 1080p
165Hz 144Hz 1ms AMD FreeSync
Game Mode


23.8 inch
HD 1080P
Panoramic viewing immersion
Ultra slim body

This monitor from BenQ can be a great addition to your workplace or home. You can take care of your eyes while staying in your budget with the BenQ GW2780.

Display and Resolution

The full HD 27-inch screen provides amazing viewing angles with a 178° wide-angle display. The IPS panel allows you to view the screen from all angles without causing much stress to your eyes. This wide-angled screen also keeps the color contrasts and distortion-free regardless of the viewing angle

The display also comes with low blue light technology. It provides viewing comfort for long hours and subsequently reduces eye strain. Also, the brightness of Intelligence technology detects your surrounding light. It also adjusts the screen brightness accordingly

The brightness at 250 nits with a 1080p screen resolution is great. Other than that the colors are spot on and are vibrant, thus, this BenQ eye care monitor is also great for photographers and professional editors. Aside from people who experience long on-screen times at their workplaces.

Design and Connectivity

It comes with a bonus elegance. The ultra-slim bezel with a frameless, sleek, and minimalistic design is going to look great at your office table or even better mounted on the wall. 

The base is amazing with a dreamy invisible cable management system that keeps all the cables hidden in the monitor stand. Dual monitor setup with this edge to edge design is a breeze. Talking about the connectivity, it comes with VGA, HDMI, and a display port connection support. 


Screen flickering contributes a lot in causing eye strain and headaches. This is why this BenQ eye care monitor has been built with Flicker-Free technology. It alleviates flickering at all brightness levels to help mitigate the digital eye strain symptoms. The backlight shows no flicker at various screen adjustments.

This ASUS VG259QM is integrated with all specs that make it the best monitor for poor eyesight.

Display and Resolution

The full HD 24.5-inch display with a super-fast IPS Panel allows a 178° wide viewing angle that is actually very pleasing for the eyes. You can view this eye care monitor from extreme positions with close to zero distortions and color shifts. The ultra-low Blue light technology comes with four different blue light filters. 

It enables you to adjust the blue light concentration as required. Other than that the Extreme Low motion blur Sync Technology renders sharp visuals even for swiftly moving objects. Also, it provides butter-smooth gameplay. 

Besides, it is also equipped with a Shadow boost ability that illuminates dark areas without brightening other areas. This feature is great for gamers since it can help you locate your enemy easily. 

The display is not only great for gamers but also can be tuned for a great all-around experience. Lastly, the 1080p screen comes with an overclocked 280 Hz refresh rate that ensures a stutter-free screen at all times.

Design and Connectivity

This ASUS eye care monitor offers a very user-friendly design along with a professional look. It allows tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments plus a wall mounting ability. With these four types of functionality adjustments, you can easily modify the viewing angles of your monitor. 

To make your multiple monitor setup seamless you can get a ROG Bezel-free kit with your ASUS monitor which is sold separately. This monitor is rich in connectivity as well. It supports 2 HDMI ports, 1 display port, and a headphone jack that boosts your connection ability with various multimedia.


This monitor is essentially an all-rounder. It keeps the screen flickering extremely minimal. So you don’t have to experience eyestrains/fatigue during or after your long screen times. Thus, keeps you productive throughout the day. The flicker-free technology of this monitor works pretty well and has been tested under various screen settings.

ASUS never fails to produce user-friendly devices. This eye care monitor is the perfect option if your budget is too uptight as it is also integrated with Eye care technology.

Display and Resolution

The display is comparatively small at 15.6 inches. Yet, this full HD 15.6″ display comes with a 10 point multi touch screen which is highly responsive and intuitive. The blue light filtering capacity of this monitor reduces eye fatigue and excessive strain. It ensures maximum viewing comfort for longer periods of time. 

The screen resolution is 1366×768 which is not great but it is fairly okay for the price it offers. It allows display adjustments for best color accuracy according to the needs of the user. Also, it is preloaded with 6 presets for the display to choose from. The IPS Panel is pretty decent and provides sharp visuals from different angles.

Design and Connectivity

This ASUS monitor sure is cheap but doesn’t look cheap. It is elegantly designed with a circular base and offers a wall mounting ability. It can be used as a mini screen for your kitchen wall, a great touch screen pc for your toddler, or the perfect counter screen since it is not enormous. The connectivity options are quite flexible as well. It offers video and peripheral connections including HDMI and VGA, great for office and at-home use.


This monitor is equipped with a flicker-free backlight which minimizes eye fatigue. It keeps you headache free, with no eye strain even after extensive screen viewing sessions. For the price, this is one of the best option with blue light filters and anti-glare as well as the anti flickering screen. Also, this monitor has been awarded flicker-free certification.

This innovatively designed monitor for low vision is a go-to option for gamers. It is loaded with wonderful features.

Display and Resolution

The colors on this 25 inch HD display are a marvel to look at. With AMD Freesync technology, the display is absolutely stunning with no ghosting or tearing of sharp visuals. The 144 Hz screen refresh rate with a 1ms response time makes this monitor ideal for all your gaming needs. 

So you can instantly respond to whatever is going on in your gaming arena. This makes your gameplay fluid motion and stutter-free. With the blue light shift, the monitor makes the harmful blue light easy on your eyes as they remain strain-free during those long on-screen sessions. 

Additionally, the IPS Panel gives ultimate color performance from extreme viewing angles as well as a top-notch sharpness in the display.

Design and Connectivity

In terms of design, the Sceptre Gaming Monitor is second to none. The edgeless design gives an immersive view of games, videos, text, documents, and whatnot. Seamless multiple monitor setup can also be achieved given the sleek edgeless design of this eye care monitor. 

It also offers a VESA wall-mounting capability that saves space and keeps your cables clutter free due to its ergonomic design. The connectivity options are richer than ever with 3 HDMI ports and 1 display port that allow connections to various multimedia.


The periodic backlight flickering is not only annoying but also harmful to the eyes. But with this eye care monitor, you can delve into your gaming adventures for hours and experience zero flickerings. Experience crisp pictures, documents, and videos with the anti-flicker technology of the Sceptre and save your eyes from experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain.

The abundance of ASUS in our list is because of the amazing ergonomic devices they offer. 

Display and Resolution

This device offers a full HD 23.8-inch display with an ultra-low blue light filter that keeps your eyes from straining. The harmful blue light emitted from the screen is filtered at 4 levels. You can adjust the filter type according to your requirements by a single hotkey. The refresh rate of this screen is 60 Hz which is ideal for day to day video streaming, not for gaming of course. 

The screen resolution is what makes this eye care monitor significantly better than the one mentioned at number 3. It offers a 1080p resolution, with an IPS panel that provides a 178° wide viewing angle. The color shift or distortion is almost equal to none at all angles. It will save you from the symptoms of digital eye strain and will help keep your vision intact in the long run.

Design and Connectivity

The ultra-slim 7mm and frameless design is rarely found in this price range. Not to mention the ultra-thin bezel screen is a treat for the users. It is an exquisite and space-saving design that can fit in almost any kind of setting. 

The frameless design makes the multiple monitor setup seamless for an immersive viewing experience. Moreover, it is very lightweight for a screen of this size. The connectivity options are fairly flexible with an HDMI and VGA connection support.


For comfortable viewing, this monitor has a wonderful anti-flicker feature. It doesn’t let your eyes get tired even after hours and hours of screen time. No eye strains for headaches during or after the viewing sessions are guaranteed. Many users have reported less or almost zero digital eye strain symptoms with this monitor.

This is so far the most budget-friendly monitor among our guide. It will definitely hold the capability to meet your expectations.

Display and Resolution

This monitor comes with a full HD 27-inch display screen with brilliant color contrast and saturation. The 1080p screen allows variable refresh rates up to 75 Hz. Also, the amazing response time of 2ms allows you to experience the best ever action sequences. 

Your monitor screen will respond to the gaming cues as quickly as you do. Moreover, the AMD Free Sync feature shows a stellar performance by smart sync of frame rates between your monitor and graphics card. Thus it results in a ridiculously low input lag.

Other than that, the black stabilization feature is an absolute wonder. It keeps the color contrast top-notch while making the darker areas of the screen luminous at the same time. Not to mention the blue light filter makes your long gaming sessions or working hours fatigue-free by keeping your eyes relatively relaxed and strain-free.

Design and Connectivity

The design is not very aesthetic, to begin with, but it looks at least as good as it can for the price. The marvelous specs of the monitor easily compensate for the design. The monitor supports a tilt feature so you can easily adjust your viewing angles. 

In addition, the VESA wall mounting saves a lot of space for your gaming consoles and other multimedia. The connectivity options are quite flexible with HDMI, Display Port, and VGA, one each. All in all, the set up of the monitor is a breeze.


This ViewSonic monitor also supports an anti-flicker feature that readily adjusts the display colors at all brightness levels with zero flickerings. The anti-flicker technology keeps your vision strain free at all times throughout the day and provides an all-day-long viewing comfort.

Display and Resolution

The first 4K Ultra HD screen in our list is this ASUS VP28UQG. It offers a 28 inch UHD screen that provides more screen space with highly detailed and crisp text and images. With the 2160p screen resolution, the visuals are insanely realistic and make you entirely immersed in the view. 

The blue light filter technology eliminates the harmful effects caused by the constant emission of blue light from the screen. 

Not only does it ease up your strained eyes but also helps you retain your eyesight. The 1ms response time with Free sync feature makes the visuals silky smooth and ideal for gaming marathons. The display comes with enhanced color performance and adjustable controls alongside 8 preset for different viewing scenarios.

Design and Connectivity

The design is not very aesthetically pleasing but the monitor is still fairly good looking. It can be a perfect addition to your workplace or home. This eye care monitor is supported by a circular base and can be mounted on the wall with a VESA mounting function. 

The monitor also allows a 25 degree tilt to adjust viewing angles. It is fairly rich in connectivity options as well, as it supports HDMI, Display Port, and earphone jack connection.


There can be no concept of eye care without the monitor offering anti-flicker technology. This monitor like all other monitors also offers a flicker-free feature that helps keep your eyes as strain-free as possible. 

With this monitor, you can be embroiled in your gaming adventures for long hours without your head spinning after you finish your spree. Work effortlessly with greater productivity with no fatigue due to your digital device.

Another monitor from BenQ in our list but this one is comparatively more pocket friendly than the BenQ GW2780.

Display and Resolution

This eye care monitor has a Full HD 27-inch display with a 1080p screen resolution. The colors are vibrant and saturated. It offers a 75 Hz screen refresh rate with a response time of 1ms which allows day-to-day video streaming absolutely stunning. 

No ghosting or tearing of sharp visuals is seen in this monitor. The transitions are flawlessly smooth and dramatic. The Brightness Intelligence Tech adjusts the screen brightness while keeping the color contrast crisp at the same time.

This monitor also offers a Color weakness mode. It gives accurate color distinction for various users by adjusting green and red on the display. 

Also, the ePaper mode provides a fantastic black and white style with ideal brightness and contrast. Along with crisp text for comfortable scrutinizing of documents for long hours. While the blue light filters keep your eyes irritation free even after a long session of work.

Design and Connectivity

The BenQ GL2780 is made with a very simplistic design. It can be a perfect addition to your workplace or home. The design is functional, not something very top-notch. Yet offers a scratch-resistant surface and hidden cord management system. 

Despite being cheap, it looks fairly sophisticated rather than a chunky plastic device. It also offers a combination of LED with a TN panel and various connectivity options like HDMI, DVI, VGA, and a display port.


The pioneer of  monitors, BenQ, certainly makes the best monitor for eyes. It owns a safety certification for zero flickers. It helps keep your eyes strain and irritation-free even after a day-long on-screen session. Other than that, this monitor is built with zero flicker and blue filter technology so you can trust BenQ with the wellness of your eyes.

The ultra-sharp series from Dell is known to produce vibrant and crisp colors.

Display and Resolution

A 24 inch HD display is offered by the Dell U2417H. The monitor keeps the colors as precise and as vibrant as possible. The screen refresh rate offered by this 1080p screen is 60 Hz which is ample for day-to-day usage. The screen also consists of an anti-glare coating with a fantastic IPS Panel that makes the display stunning no matter what angle you look at it from. 

The colors are pretty consistent throughout every position with minimal to zero distortion. It makes wide-angle views very effortless. The grayscale performance of this monitor is also worth appreciating. 

For hardcore gamers, this might not be a good option given the refresh rate but it can support light-medium gaming for fun after work. Since it filters out the harmful blue light, your eyes will not get itchy or strained during or after your long work sessions.

Design and Connectivity

This monitor from Dell features an infinity edge design with thin borders. The endearing design of this monitor comes with a VESA wall-mounting capacity. It supports various modes and offers tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustability. 

The connectivity options are limitless. This monitor offers the most connectivity options out of all our best monitors for eyes. It offers an HDMI connection, Display port, mini display port, display port (out), and 4 freaking USB 3.0 ports.


This monitor maintains zero flicker status throughout various adjustments of screen brightness. The colors remain crisp and consistent with no periodic flickering. The backlight remains flicker-free which clearly reduces instances of headaches and fatigue.

This monitor from ASUS is the ultimate solution for gamers who spend all day in front of their screens.

Display and Resolution

This ROG Strix monitor offers an ultra high definition 27-inch screen. This 4K monitor has 2160p screen resolution along with a splendid 144 Hz screen refresh rate which renders a fully immersive gaming experience. The action sequences are butter smooth with no ghosting or tearing of visuals. 

Other than that the display is stutter-free with fluid motion transitions. The Adaptive-Sync and 1ms response adds to the quality of the visuals. 

Besides, the in-plane switching panel allows a wide-angle view of the screen with consistent color gamut from all positions. The blue filter feature eliminates the harmful effects that cause digital eye strain. Overall the display of this monitor is stunning and makes it worth the price.

Design and Connectivity

The design could have been marvelous at this price point which is unfortunately not the case here.  it’s not very pleasing to the eyes, yet, it is very functional as it supports 4-way standability. 

Also, it offers tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments so you can easily adjust the screen in accordance with the best viewing angles. The build quality looks sturdy and durable enough. The connectivity options are vast and allow various multimedia connections through 2 HDMI ports, 2 display ports, USB 3.0, and a headphone jack.


This monitor holds TUV Rheinland certification for Flicker-Free technology. Thus these features makes this one the best monitors for eyes. It noticeably reduces stress and fatigue and keeps all the symptoms of DES (digital eye strain) away. The flicker-free technology guarantees all-day long viewing comfort.

Best Monitors For Eyes - Buyer's Guide

Over the years many companies have manufactured monitors which means you have a diverse range to choose from. Mentioned below is a very basic yet absolutely helpful buying guide to make the selection of the best monitors for eyes convenient for you.

Size and Resolution

The selection of screen size is based on how and where you intend to use your monitor. If you want an eye care monitor for your workplace a standard 17 to 21 inches screen will be good enough for you. 

However, if you want a monitor for gaming, then larger screen sizes ranging from 23 to 30 inches will give you a fully immersive experience. The screen resolution varies between 1080p, 1440p, and 4K. 

A 1080p resolution is ideal for standard sized monitors and will produce a wonderful display. For larger screens, a 1440p or 2160p (4K) resolution will give crisp results.


While choosing the right monitor for eyes, keep in mind the connectivity options it offers. We suggest you buy a monitor that allows a wide range of multimedia connections and multiple ports such as HDMI, Display ports, and USB 3.0. Remember the connectivity options do make a difference in providing you a limitless experience.

Refresh Rate

The screen refresh rate is what allows stutter-free visuals and fluid motion graphics. Most of the eye care monitors offer a 60 Hz refresh rate which is ideal for most of the day-to-day tasks. 

For gamers, according to WEPC, a 144Hz or above refresh rate is recommended. Fortunately, we have a variety of monitors offering a refresh rate between 60-144 Hz in our list.  

Response Time and Viewing Angles

A low response time makes the transitions effortless and unnoticeable. The action sequence in your games or video streams is butter smooth with the low screen response time. Almost all the eye care monitors in our list offer an ideally low 1ms screen response time.

Always choose a monitor with wide viewing angles. It allows distortion-free display with little to no changes in color saturation and contrasts even from extreme positions. In our list, most of the best monitors for eyes have a wide viewing angle up to 178° and offer ideal display from every angle.

Eye-Care Technology

Eye-care monitors are built with innovative Eye-care technology. If you’re suffering from the loss of eyesight due to long screen times then you definitely need to find a screen with Eye-care technology. This means that look for a monitor with

Blue Light Filter: Constant exposure to blue light emissions from your monitor can prove to be damaging for your eyes. Blue light exposure for long hours leads to digital eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. Luckily, this filter blocks the harmful blue rays emitted from the screen and is not merely a marketing gimmick.

Flicker-Free Technology: A flickering screen not only annoys you but also causes eyestrain and headaches. The best eye care monitors usually own Flicker-free technology certifications. They are tested for no-flicker at various brightness and screen adjustments. It keeps your eyes strain-free and ensures viewing comfort for hours.

Adjustable Viewing Angles: Look for a monitor that offers a wide range of adjustability options. Your eye care monitor should be able to support a tilt feature so you can easily adjust the screen angles that suit you best. 

Always adjust your screen angles in accordance with your eyes so as to keep them as strain-free as possible. The best monitors for eyes in our list support various monitor adjustments such as tilt, pivot, swivel, and height variations.

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