10 Best Open-Back Headphones For Gaming 2023

The best open-back headphones for gaming provide life-like sound. They also support connectivity with various gaming consoles. They are not only lightweight and comfortable but also render fantastic audio quality with an immersive sound experienceThey offer a much greater soundstage than closed back headphones. This allows for greater immersion in your gaming experience. 
Also, we are well aware of the gamers’ need to track the arrival of their enemies, spot footsteps, and pinpoint gunshots. Thus, we have compiled a list of best open-back headphones for gaming. These open-back gaming headsets guarantee an immersive listening experience. So let’s check them out.

EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE

Noise cancelling microphone
Compatible with all gaming consoles

Sennheiser HD 800s

56mm Ring Radiator transducer
Compatible with all gaming consoles

SteelSeries Arctis 1

Detachable microphone
Wireless and wired both
Can be controlled with a software

Audio Technica ATH-AD900X

53mm drivers
Vibration free sound

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

7.1 Surround Sound
50mm drivers
Noise cancelling microphone
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Wired
  • Compatible with all gaming consoles
Sennheiser is always known to deliver excellent quality headsets. This Game One headset is no different, It is the best one you can have. 

Sound Quality

It offers the most natural and organic sound quality with highly detailed effects. These Game One headphones will help you hear all the gaming cues you need. The exceptional frequency blending generates crisp and detailed mids and highs. Also, the acoustic clarity allows you to have a detailed and instant in-game action. 
This headset is the perfect partner for FPS gamers as well. It helps you to never miss even a teeny tiny detail. The integrated volume control allows volume minimization up to 25% so that you never have to leave your game to listen to someone talking to you.


The classic silhouette with luxurious velvet padding ensures the most comfortable gameplay for long hoursThanks to the very lightweight design, your ears won’t hurt  when you remove them after hours-long gaming sessions.

Other Features

This headset comes with a tangle-free braided cord which is a cherry on top. Also, it has no heat issues and always keeps your ears nice and cool. The microphone can easily mute the surrounding noises so that your friends can always hear your voice crisp and clear. The voice quality is wonderful.
Additionally, the Game One headphones offer diverse compatibility. It can be connected to PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc. 
  • Performance is quite fast
  • Affordable Price
  • Even works amazing with PS4
  • RGB lights are attractive
  • The Software is difficult to find
  • 56mm ring radiator transducer
  • Wired
  • Comfortable design
This 800s is a step up from the standard previous version, the HD 600. It offers more connectivity, the most dynamic driver, and ultra-durable build quality. It can easily prove to be one of the best open-back headphones for gaming.

Sound Quality

It has set a new benchmark in the audio world having everything that takes to exceed the expectations of its users. The exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics of the audio keep the sound as natural as possible. The sound stage is broad and offers a detailed depth not only from left to right but also from the front and back. 
Besides, the sound separation is riveting and super clear and hence, carries the spark to open up a new world for the gamers in terms of sonic purity. It will not be wrong if we call these headphones the king of sound stage and imaging.


On top of all these pros, comes the comfort level of these gaming headphones. They are built with high quality and durable microfiber ear pads that ensure hearing comfort for longer periods of time. The HD 800s is surely the most comfortable full-sized headphone. 

Other Features

It is loaded with the ring radiator transducers that happen to be the most dynamic drivers of all times. They help reduce distortion and help in the provision of steer clear and articulate sound
Moreover, it offers amazing connectivity and is supplied with two cables; a 6.3mm connector and another 4.4mm Pentacon balanced cable.They are a bit expensive but they are worth the cost. If you’re someone who actually cares about the sound fidelity, these are the ones for gaming you can own.
  • Detachable microphone
  • Wireless and wired both
  • Software-enabled
A wireless headset with interchangeable connectivity between three gaming consoles and zero dropout issues, seems too good to be true, right?  But in all honesty, this Steelseries Arctis 1 lives up to all its claims.

Sound Quality

You can carry your gaming arena anywhere with this wireless sound support. It comes with the signature Arctis sound offered in the luxurious Arctis 7 series which provides amazing sound clarity. Though it does feel a bit different from the Arctis 7 besides having the same drivers, it is still pretty decent for the price
Moreover, you can also tweak your audio according to your requirements using the Steelseries Engine. The bass is great and the multi-dimensional sound is solid and clear. The sound is oddly satisfying when you headshot your enemy or pop off the mobs. 

Other Features

The intuitive volume controls on the headset enable you to adjust the volume level or even mute/unmute the audio. The detachable noise-canceling microphone is beyond expectations. The mic is great and offers crisp voice quality. 
Also, the Arctis 1 offers excellent connectivity to various gaming consoles such as Pc, Nintendo Switch/Lite, and AndroidAll hail to the lag-free dongle which allows instant connection to your favorite console without any hassle of set-upThis is the most affordable and comfortable gaming headphone you can find in an affordable price range
  • 53mm drivers
  • Wired
  • Vibration free sound
Close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’re right there in your game. Yes, this AD900x headset is the king of directional sound. 

Sound Quality

This headset clearly nails the directional audio feature. Now instead of guessing footsteps, know when they’re right behind you. You can pinpoint gunshots, explosions, and footsteps even in detail-oriented games like COD. The positional accuracy helps you keep track of what exactly is going on and where. The surround sound system of this open-back headset makes the audio immersive, ultra-clear, and near to reality
Besides, the bass is accurate in terms of gaming. You might hear people saying that it lacks bass but that’s in case of music. Gaming doesn’t require a very enticing bass as much as it requires precision of directional sounds.


This open back and lightweight design are ideal for gamers. The magnesium alloy makes it light and comfortable to wear. Also, the smooth textured suede earpads do not suffocate your ears and hence, keep you cool.
These AD900x create a very precise imaging and an ideal frequency response. The low frequencies are enhanced as well due to the double air damping system. The sound is, therefore, very articulate and authentic. 

Other Features

This headphone set lacks a microphone but that’s definitely not a deal-breaker. You can always get an attachable noise-canceling mic and your headset will be perfect. The build quality is excellent and the frame is highly rigid and sturdy yet feels very light. 
At times, you might even forget that you have something on top of your head. The open-air dynamic technology significantly lowers the pressure of the ears and actually helps keep them cool.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • 50mm drivers
  • Wired
  • Noise cancelling microphone

The Razer Kraken is another affordable option in our best open-back headphones for gaming list. They are comfortable and stylish, functional yet inexpensive. Unlike other Razer products, they can be a go-to option for a budget user and are worth all the hype.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is clear and authentic and comes with a large 50mm drivers provide a powerful and crispy clear sound. The immersive sound feature is great for positional audio accuracy. You can track the site of action in your favorite games with the directional sounds. 

The retractable noise-canceling microphone is what makes this gaming headset worth every penny. The noise-canceling feature clearly minimizes the background noises and other ambient voices. It helps you make steer clear shot calls. This mic guarantees crystal clear communication between you and your gaming mates.


The Razer Kraken is light in weight, flexible, and extremely durable. The thick headband ensures wearing comfort even for long gaming sessions. The cooling gel-infused ear cushions are actually legit. They prevent any heat buildup and always keep your ears cool and sweat-free.

Other Features

This gaming headset is compatible with PC, PS4, AND Nintendo Switch and the 3.5mm jack supports connectivity to all types of consoles.

Seems like we can’t get enough of Sennheiser because that’s how good they actually are. We cannot deny the fact that they manufacture the best open-back headphones for gaming. like the previously mentioned Sennheiser headsets on numbers 1 and 2 in our list, these are an absolute wonder as well.

Sound Quality

These open acoustic GSP 500 come with extreme audio fidelity. They provide highly detailed audio with a smooth and balanced frequency response. The smart positioning of the headset channels sounds directly into the ears which makes it feel almost natural. 

Other than that, the audio quality is astounding. It makes pinpoint all the action in your surroundings during gameplay. Moreover, the extended bass adds a lot of impact in the gaming acoustics.x


This headset comes with ventilated ear cups with soft and breathable fabric that never fails to keep you comfortable and cool. The headband is adjustable and you can vary the clamping pressure according to your head size. Sennheiser’s guarantees flawless long-term usability. 

Other Features

The pro-level noise-canceling mic is another plus point that makes this one of the best open-back headphones for gaming. It mutes all the background noises and helps your teammates hear your voice with utmost clarity. Also, you can instantly mute the mic by lifting the boom arm, when required.

The GSP 500 offers a wide range of compatibility. You can connect it with any console, be it PC, Mac, PS4, pro, or Xbox. The multi-platform connectivity is amazing. Comfort has not been compromised either. They provide superior wearing comfort for long gameplays. 

The addition of JBL Quantum in our list has made 200 dollar headphone range even more competitive. Hardcore gamers know that accuracy of sound is necessary for survival on the battlefield. This epic headphone set has been designed specifically for gaming. 

Sound Quality

It helps you never miss a step, shot, or even a jump. It has got you covered in all ways. Moreover, it is wireless and offers great connectivity range up to several feet.

This headset provides the most accurate and immersive sound experience. The 50mm neodymium drivers help in the provision of smooth and crisp sound. With the Quantum Surround sound, you get a very realistic spatial soundstage. You can hear the slightest details with great accuracy. 

Other Features

The Quantum 600 will simply amplify every epic gaming scene and make you live the game. The boom microphone with echo canceling technology is worth mentioning. It mutes all the useless surrounding voices so that hearing you do not become a nuisance for your teammates.

The compatibility of the JBL Quantum 600 with different consoles is no less. It can be easily connected to PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, mobile, and VR.

This DROP and Sennheiser collaboration are made by keeping in mind some of the top-notch Sennheiser open-back gaming headphones. These headphones provide ultra-clear audio with detailed and directional accuracy of every movement. Also, the matte black look is a bonus anyway.

Sound Quality

They maximize the naturalization of sound. It gives a very solid sound quality and clear mids and bass sounds. The immersive sound experience is clearly boosted in this hybrid headset. Also, it provides way better stereo imaging. 

The directional sound accuracy is beyond expectations. No matter how tiny the footstep is or how enormous the explosion is, you’ll hear it all with the best possible frequency. 

Now you can sense your surroundings clearer than ever. It fairly provides exceptional audio as well as microphone quality. The microphone comes with a fantastic noise-canceling feature that allows ambiance free communication among you and your teammates. 

Other Features

Your voice will be heard loud and clear by your enemies and your teammates equally. Moreover, you can instantly mute your mic by lifting up the boom arm.

The easy adjustability of the headband is great news for people with tiny or huge heads. You can adjust the size of your headphones as required. Not to mention the extra-large plush velvet ear pads are comfortable as ever with no heat build-up whatsoever. 

It is best for PC gaming, however, it is compatible with other consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, etc. by purchasing an additional cable. It is well suited for competitive gamers as well.

This pro-quality audio A40 headset is a steal. Our list of best open-back headphones for gaming would have been incomplete without these. It is a very comfortable and lightweight design.

Sound Quality

This A40 has a 7.1 surround sound feature which renders highly detailed in-game music and sound effects for an immersive audio experience. The terrific surround sound features makes the audio sound like it is coming from your living room speakers. 

Also, the audio is perfectly clear at every frequency and even at the lowest of volumes so don’t worry if you want to play at a lower volume, there is no chance that you miss the footsteps of your enemies. The sound separation again is great even if you’re not a discerned listener you will still feel the difference.

Other Features

It also comes with a removable noise-canceling mic which is good enough if you’re upgrading from some cheaper headsets. The voice quality is not bad but not amazing either.

The headband is easily adjustable as required and will not make your head feel clenched. The breathable cloth ear cushions of this gaming headset guarantee comfort even for long gaming sessions. The breathability of the cloth is what makes your ears always stay nice and cool. 

Besides, the Astro A40 is compatible with a diverse range of consoles, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac Nintendo Switch, and every other future Xbox gadget. The Astro A40 is a decent option to go with, however, let’s be honest, the Sennheiser Game One mentioned at number 1 in our list of best open-back headphones for gaming can easily beat this one within the same price range.

Uncompromised sound quality is not easily found in wireless headphones. But this Corsair headset gives that to you. It comes with three connectivity options – slipstream wireless, USB wired, and 3.5mm wired so that you can play your way anywhere and everywhere.

Sound Quality

This headphone has a 7.1 surround sound feature which is the best for an open back headphone. Combined with a tuned high-density neodymium speaker driver, it makes the sound quality outstanding. 

You’ll hear more of everything with this Corsair Virtuoso because you can customize your equalizer settings as you like. You can hear the lightest footstep of your enemy approaching from afar or even that deepest bass tone when your opponent is shot dead with impeccable sound clarity.


Build quality is, without a doubt, excellent. The pillow-soft headband allows you to play without fatigue for hours. Also, memory foam earpads are comfortable and cool. They will not make your ears hurt at all. The custom RGB lighting on each ear cup makes it a delight for gamers. Also, the audio quality is great on wireless functioning and even better when the AUX cord is connected. 

Other Features

The broadcast-quality microphone provides the best vocal clarity of all Corsair headsets. It ensures flawless communication and best vocal accuracy by minimization of background noises.

Additionally, the Corsair Virtuoso is compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and mobile. The functionality becomes a bit limited in the case of Xbox but that’s not a big deal because the primary functioning remains the same. Looks and feels fantastic and is certainly a good choice to consider while you are hunting for the best open-back headphones for gaming.

Buying Guide - Best Open-Back Headphones For Gaming

The selection of the best open-back headphones for gaming can be an easy task if you know some fundamental functionality requirements of a headset. Generally, open-back headphones are more preferred by gamers because they give a more natural sound experience. Let’s take a look at the features that make the best open-back headphones for gaming.

Sound Quality

Sound is what makes you survive on a battlefield in the long run. Only when you’re able to trace the footsteps of the approaching enemy, you will triumph. Open-back headphones give a warm sound and deep bass effect. They allow the sound to pass through the earpiece and make an epic surround sound experience. 

When looking for the best open-back headphones for gaming, keep a track of the directional accuracy and angled drivers of the headset. It gives you the guarantees of the most immersive sound experience. 

The soundstage should be wide with a good sound separation ability. The provision of highly detailed sound at all frequencies and volumes is what you should look for in a gaming headset. Most of the open-back headphones keep the audio closest to natural that makes you live through your games.

Noise Cancelation

Noise-canceling and noise isolation are two different features. While looking for open-back headphones you should know that there’s a lot of sound leakage issues. Also, the concept of noise isolation is almost equal to zero. You will be able to hear your surroundings and your surroundings can listen to what you’re hearing. They are good for at-home use.

On the other hand, the microphones of most of these open-back headphones come with the noise cancelation feature. It means they minimize your surrounding noises so that people on the other side of the screen can hear your voice crystal clear. Thus we have made selection easier for you. Almost every headset in our list of best open-back headphones for gaming comes with a noise-canceling microphone.


Look for the headphones that offer a wide range of connectivity options. Your headphones can be wireless, USB wired, or 3.5mm wired or all 3 in 1. Go for the option that is supported by most of the consoles. The 3.5mm wired connection is the most ideal. You can also go for wireless headsets if you prefer easy portability. 

You might have to purchase additional dongles for wireless headphones but that’s not the case every time. Our Steelseries Arctis 1 placed at number 3 comes along with a dongle for instance. Wireless headsets can provide a drop-free connection up to 35 feet easily. 

Moreover, with a wireless headphone, you will not have to live with a tangled mess. 3.5mm Wired or wireless – totally up to you. Just keep in mind a diverse range of connectivity while choosing open-back headphones for gaming.

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