10 Best Crossbow Scopes Reviewed 2023

You might have tons of word-class crossbows in your arsenal and have years of experience aiming the objects. However, without the best crossbow scope on-board, everything seems nothing!

Crossbow scope is basically that part of the puzzle without which you cannot achieve perfection and accuracy in shooting. But you must know that most of the crossbows come with a factory built-in scope, yet that fails to impress many of the professionals here in this field.  So let’s uplift the shooting goals with more advanced scopes which have reduced parallax errors and a magnified view.

Considering plenty of choices, it might be hard for someone to arrive at a better deal. Many of us might get confused with the types of scopes that different brands are offering. But worry no more! We’re here with this ultimate guide about the best crossbow scopes to help you aim and shoot with precision and accuracy.

  1. TenPoint EVO-X Marksman Crossbow
  2. Ma3ty Crossbow Scope
  3. Vortex Optics Crossfire II
  4. Hawke Sport Optics Scope
  5. UTG Crossbow Scope
  6.  AT3 Tactical RD-50 PRO
  7. NIKW9 Prostaff P3 Crossbow
  8. MidTen Dual Illuminated scope
  9. Excalibur Crossbow
  10. MidTen Rifle Scope

Magnification: 1.5-6 x

Eye Relief: 4 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 36 mm

Range: 30-9.8 ft

Specially designed scope by crossbow hunters maximizes the crossbow performance and accuracy. It is known as precision crossbow scope due to its competitive and hunting shooting. Numbers of features are specified to this ever best scope in the market.
Moreover, it holds five duplex reticles adjusted from twenty to sixty yards with an increment of ten yards. Plus, two other non-duplex reticles also fixed in it at the seventy and eighty-yard marks for recreational hunting.
Excellent magnification power 1.5X to 6X, a 30mm ultra-strong tube, and multi-coated optics enables the scope to make a broad and clear field of view. Marksman has a built-in regulator or infinite-position rheostat. It controls the intensity of light of both green and red illuminated functionality. Also, it is best suited for high-speed crossbows. 
Moreover, this elegantly designed scope holds different speed and arrow drop-compensation settings that provide shooting between 330 & 450 FPS. For improving accuracy at longer distances, the bubble level can be dovetail. It’s easy to detach scope rings and allows you easy installation in hurries situations as well.
  • Flip-up caps
  • Fog and waterproof
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Variable speed setting
  • Seven illuminated & non-illuminated crosshairs
  • Speed selector is tricky at first
  • Little heavier to carry

Magnification: 1.5-5 x

Eye Relief: 3 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 32 mm

Range: 37-8 ft

Innovatively designed MA3TY scope provides a brighter view of wide-angle images. Eye bell designated in such a long eye relief way to let the crossbow scope fastly come up to the focusing eye. FPS speed falls in the range of 300 to 425 that give various speed settings options for longer distance.
Furthermore, it is an excellent product for simple hunting, competitive, and recreational hunting. This featured crossbow scope holds value in the top-rated scopes due to its magnification power of 1.5X to 5X Reticle system’s designed from 20 to 100 yards for providing variety in the crossbow bolt, velocities, and weights.
A robust tube of 30mm and multi-coated optics give more clarity to long distanced view. It provides both red and green illumination and a dial for speed adjustment. Coating with nitrogen gives assurance of water and fog protection up to 19.7 inches.  
Additionally, it holds 1000G impact resistance for better results. You can target precisely due to its 93% light transmission capability. Wide-angle, clear view, maximum brightness chase with this standout product. You can adjust FPS by using yard marks both at higher and lower impact field. Last, outfitted with MA3TY 1.5-5 x32 regulator controls the intensity of light of both green and red illuminated crosshairs.
  • Holds graduated reticles
  • Quite good magnification power
  • Holds FPS adjustment system
  • Easy to install
  • Fully coating lens
  • Sometimes cause blurring
  • Doesn’t sight easily

Magnification:  3-12 x

Eye Relief: 3.5 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm

Range: 36.7–9.2 ft

Vortex Optics specifically designed riflescope for delivering the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and performance. It is best known and designed for night hunting. You can hunt even in the darkest area without any problem due to its oversized objective lens of 56mm. The multi-coated lens with anti-reflective material provides an additional clarity level to the hunter.
Moreover, a 30mm aluminum-coated tube holds nitrogen and sealed with o-ring material for protecting the scope from water and fogSpecially built for dual purposes, hunting, and shooting goals. It allows you to take shots from both light and heavy cover even when the light conditions are challenging.
The clarity in image focus will enhance with its adjustable speed feature. Enjoy hunting with hundred percent view clarity with this great crossbow scope. Further, with 3.5 eye relief and an eye box, let a fast reticle focus on you. Its turrets are adjustable with an MOA click that helps in resetting position to zero. 
Besides, a tube outfitted with aircraft-grade aluminum ensures hunt strength and delivers excellent shockproof performance. Vortex Optics holds a high-powered battery that provides maximum illuminating power for a longer time. Additionally, reticle subtensions for estimating range and holdover are useful in this product. 
  • Fog and shockproof
  • Nitrogen covering
  • Parallax setting feature
  • Center dot illuminated
  • Aircraft aluminum graded
  • Heavy to carry
  • Tricky handling

Magnification: 1.5-4.5 x

Eye Relief: 4.02 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 32 mm

Range: 22.5-75 ft

High-performance deliverer, the Hawke Sport Optics, consists of many unique features. A speed selector with a 275 to 425 shooting speed makes it best to choose for ideal hunting. Its flip-up caps are designated with the easily removable or detachable feature. 
The etched reticles are for both red and green illumination lights. Its illuminated reticle is designed specifically for offering from 20 to 100 yards targeting points. Hollow circles are present at their corresponding distance with the Kill zone to clarify different views. It is compatible with the BRC Software of Hawke so that you can install any of your favorite ones very easily.
Furthermore, this scope holds eleven optics layers with full coating for outstanding hunting. You can enjoy hunting and shooting both with this total nitrogen purged crossbow scope very quickly
This rich-precision model of Hawke gives you an excellent level of accuracy of long-distance images. Lastly, if you are looking for something exceptional for filling your hobby, choosing this amazing scope is the right choice.  
  • Powered battery
  • Glass etched reticle
  • Eyeball for fast focus
  • Finger adjustable
  • Five levels of intensities
  • Less shock absorber

Magnification: 2.5-10 x

Eye Relief: 4 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 32 mm

Range: 47-10.9 ft

UTG is a fantastic product with a combo of excellent illuminating and boasting magnification of 4x quality. The coating of this crossbow scope with a broadband lens provides a superior level of experience to the hunter. You will achieve the maximum level of brightness with its high-quality branded optics. So you haven’t to worry about hunting or shooting in darkened areas with this UTG 4X32 1″.
Besides, it comes with an objective lens of 32mm; those do a great job providing a clear view of your target points. The night or low-light idea is more cleared and target with more accuracy with its illuminated reticle.
Illumination is to be set in three different forms: red, green, and black, with five brightness adjustments. You may set your hunting target with a black reticle quickly during the day. Its excellent battery life offers you to hunt or shoot for a more extended period without taking a pause or charging it
Moreover, nitrogen purged technology ensures aimful hunting in foggy areas as well. Both elevation and windage adjustment of the instrument is possible quickly.  It has a spherical structure for achieving more precise and accurate results. This superiorly designed product provides the maximum level of field view and image brightest
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Water and fog proof
  • Easy to use
  • Spherically structured
  • Reticles cause problem

Magnification: 3-9x

Eye Relief: 3 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 30 mm

Range: 48.6 ft

Perfectly designed AT3 LEOS Crossbow Scope for law enforcement, home defense, hunting, and shooting, if you want it all in one, you are then choosing the right option. Separately adjusting the laser and red spot enables you to set the scope for personal preference. Hence, it is best for both rugged and acquisition purposes.
Besides, it will allow you fast targeting both at high and low visibility. AT3 LEOS multi-coated optics or lens resist scratches and are fog proof in nature. It consistently remains at zero even if you are using it at high-caliber. Digital controls of this crossbow scope provide straightforward control over the sight and targeting field.
It can switch between both red dot laser and red dot only and laser mode only with just the push of a button. Optimal eye focus and flip-up caps provide super accuracy and lens protection. The objective lens of 32mm delivers light-gathering feasibility to its users and an easy targeting view. Aluminum crafted with a matte-black color gives it a stylish look. 
Moreover, its battery time is just fantastic, especially at the lowest brightness setting up to 50,000 hours. Plus, 40 hours timing in using a red laser option and 8 hours of battery timing while using a green laser. Lastly, uniquely designed in a sense, both your eyes remain open while shooting and hunting.
  • Red and laser sight
  • Windage and elevation
  • More versatile
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Varying battery life
  • Reticle complications occur sometimes

Magnification: 3x

Eye Relief: 3.4 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 32 mm

Range: 35.6 ft

Premium quality NIKW9 Prostaff Crossbow Scope is one of the most-selling scope due to its exceptional features. If you are looking to upgrade the crossbow’s lens for hunting purposes, then NIKW9 is the best choice to avail. It provides precise optic size for hundred percent clarity and a far-looking view too.
Moreover, its BDC reticle is maximizing the efficiency and hunting range. First, BCC 60 reticle offers a crossbow bolt, velocities, and point weights options. Also, a 20-yard reticle provides point circles for target shots. Besides, anti-reflective compounds on every multiple layer of glass surface offer brighter and more vivid results
Plus, light transmission will occur at its optimum level even if you are using it for nighttime hunting. The main tube consists of 1-inch aluminum aircraft-grade that makes it light in weight and more durable
Furthermore, the reticle adjustments are built-in crisp form with a one MAO click-stop. So that you can feel and hear the shooting or hunting sound at the same time. Elevation and windage controls will reset to zero position and make an easy field adjustments process
Lastly, it is very durable due to aluminum coated caps. This aluminum covering gives sharp eye focuses and eye relief to the hunter. 
  • Sharp and vivid visuals
  • Durable and versatile
  • Quick eye focusing
  • Excellent eye relief
  • Difficult to perceive the crosshairs
  • Lack of scope rings

Magnification: 4x-12x

Eye Relief: 3.4 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm

Range: 10.27ft

MidTen Scope is the most precise, sharpest, and brightest crossbow scope ever. It holds ten years of innovation that makes it perfect for competitive and recreational shooting and hunting. Multi-coated optics deliver outstanding light transmission of 95 percent. 
Moreover, it is enough for effective visualization with high-contrast and accurate color of the focused image. You will do outdoor fun to its peak enjoyment with this RifleScope combo. Its field of view allows you a wide range of shooting and fast-moving targets in a very efficient way. Filled with nitrogen offers you to shoot in foggy and rainy areas very effectively without causing trouble.
Plus, the coated lens provides you high-speed light transmission in every circumstance. The main tactical scope offers both green and red illumination with five brightness levels. It allows easier hunting and shooting on nights. By buying it, you are just going to experience something new in shooting and hunting life.
Its unlimited eye relief, smart button switch, and wide-field view allow you various setups of dot sight. Further, laser sight holds both electronics and optics integrated systems that enhance the field of viewability. Quick acquisition with holographic dot sight is another fantastic feature of this product.
  • Accommodate various settings
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Holographic clarity
  • Accurate and precise
  • Best shooter for nights
  • Speed selector doesn’t work well
  • Heavy to carry

Magnification: 2-4x

Eye Relief: 3.4 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 32 mm

Range: 9ft

Premium product Excalibur crossbow is an excellently illuminated and powered magnification of 2x to 4x. Scope coated with aircraft-grade aluminum provides an outstanding level of experience to the shooter
Moreover, you can achieve the maximum level of brightness and contrast color with its high-quality branded lens. So, without worrying about night time, hunting and shooting are done fearlessly. Moreover, it comes with an objective lens or optics of 32mm, which provide a clear view of the target’s points. Even in the night or low-light view is cleared and targeted with more accuracy with its green and red illuminated reticle.
Plus, illumination can set in two forms, red, green, and black, with different levels of brightness adjustments. You can set your hunting target with this reticle quickly during the day and night easily. Field of view and eyepiece allows you to focus fast on the target object. Hence, you can enjoy the best of your life.
Furthermore, nitrogen purged enhances its durability and prevents the crossbow scope from the fog. A quick button switch gives complete access, and you can control it easily Use this easy-to-handle crossbow scope and enjoy both competitive and recreational shooting to their peaks.
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Clarity in images
  • Precise shooting target
  • Best shooter for day & nights
  • Tricky to troubleshoot
  • Heavy to carry

Magnification: 2.5-10 x

Eye Relief: 4 inches

Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm

Range: 34.8-10 ft

The numbers of features specified for this scope give a standing position in the market. A powered battery lets you hunt for a day and a night without charging it. Adjustments such as elevation and windage are possible and provide an advanced hunting level to its users.
Moreover, the spherical structure provides more achievements in precision and accuracy. Its field of view and the eye-focusing system is robust, enhancing the scope of hunting capability at night. Contrast and sharp color with maximum brightness allow you to specify the target in a more clear view
Plus, illumination can set in two forms, red, green, and black, with different levels of brightness adjustments. You can set your hunting target with this reticle quickly during the day and night easily. Field of view and eyepiece allows you to focus fast on the target object. Hence, you can enjoy the best of your life.
Furthermore, nitrogen purged enhances its durability and prevents the crossbow scope from the fog. A quick button switch gives complete access, and you can control it easily Use this easy-to-handle crossbow scope and enjoy both competitive and recreational shooting to their peaks.
  • High-quality reticles
  • FPS adjustment system
  • Easy to install and use
  • Fully coating optics
  • Little heavy to carry
  • Eye focusing problems occur

Best Crossbow Scopes 2020 - Buyer's Guide

Buying the best crossbow scope isn’t too easy. You have to know much about crossbow scopes before purchasing. Some of the following questions will clear in your mind regarding the crossbow scopes.
  • Purpose of using it? Hunting, general shooting or competitive shooting, or sports reasons.
  • Target average range should be? Twenty yards, 20 to 60 yards, or over the 60 yards.
  • What are the magnification preferences, the field of view, eye relief, and the reticle of that specific crossbow scope?
  • Types of scope? Red Dot, Magnified or Ballistic-calibrated?

Types of Scopes

Red Dot Scope

This scope is built with simplicity and precision for crossbows and doesn’t contain magnification and ballistic calibrated reticles. It only consists of a red dot that recognizes the spot and your arrow hit. This dot lack of parallax error is its main advantage. 
Besides, this red dot system provides you with precise targeting rather than the other types. You also see the black circle or crosshair around the rim while looking through the lens in other sights. Hence, shooting by using different scopes sometimes becomes a little bit complicated. So for a simple shooting system, preferring red dot is the right decision.

Magnified Scope

Magnification scope is advanced than the red dot scope in terms of sighting power. You can see more clearly and better with this. Plus, you can achieve a more significant target quickly. It enables you to shoot more complicated views such as bushes. 

Moreover, you can shoot through the thick bushes efficiently. Its maximum range of crossbow scope is 75 yards. Moreover, this scope brings the target view closer and brighter to your sights with a greater focus.

Ballistic-Calibrated Scope

The third type is a ballistic-calibrated scope that consists of reticles. It is more advanced than the previous crossbow scopes because of its predicting featureThis scope predicts the flight arrow path, multiple-pin sights with a vertical bow found. It holds ballistic calibration. These multi-pins have a different capacity for distances. Moreover, the reticles of this crossbow work similarly. Easy to use it by

Point of Aim VS Point of Impact

It’s necessary to remember that crossbows are not rifles. The launching arrows have a thrown rock route, and scopes can only predict the specific distance the pointer can target. Hence, the point of aim and point of impact is essential to be known
Moreover, using the reticle as the aiming end is known as the point of ambition rather than striking the target is the point of impact. For more specifying this term, consider if you sight your crossbow scope at 100 yards, then the end of aim at 100 yards should be the point of impact of the bullet.

Stray Light

The image quality of the specified target reduces by reflecting the metal. It usually occurs when light passes through the scope. Hence, it’s necessary to choose a crossbow scope. It holds interior coating, which prevents the metal reflection by giving light.

Eye Relief

It is only the distance that separates the eyepiece lens or optics from the shooting eye. In case eye relief is small, then hitting chances increase when the arrow releases from the crossbow scope. 

Therefore, before buying, ensure the eye relief length according to your eye requirement. However, the general rule is a greater field of view, and higher magnification equals your shorter eye relief. 


The range is the length of the scope sight picture when at a specified distance. For instance, a 200-yard distance scope gives a 20 feet wide sight picture. Secondly, both focal lengths of optics and magnification power affect it. Further, an essential point to keep in mind is that the field of view becomes narrower by increasing the magnification.

Durability and ease of use

Undoubtedly, crossbow scopes are usually made to be easy to use and mount. However, before buying the best for ideal hunting and shooting, you have to know more. 
  • Firstly, you will wish to buy the easy to adjust or calibrate by concentrating on the target. Typically, two types of adjustments found windage speed and elevation for achieving targets. It’s up to you which one is more suitable for you. 
  • Secondly, the best scopes come with dials that help make breeze adjustments for specific targets. In this, you can hear a sound of click while the dials turn on. This function will keep the adjustments settings. Therefore, adjustments offer ease of use with versatile functionality. 
Next, at the same time, you also wish that your scope must construct durably. Only in this way can you use it for a prolonged period. The casing of crossbow scopes should remain robust enough that it protects against occasional drops
Moreover, the mounting rings must be attached firmly and provide resistance against everyday tear. Additionally, some crossbow scopes also come within a storage case, which adds more protection to the crossbow scope. Further, these storage cases make scopes portability easy. 


The right scopes will acquire the target more comfortably and faster. However, it depends on you to choose the right one for more precision and accuracy.

  • If you target low light, then a 1-inch robust tube and optical lens of 32mm is quite useful to choose. It will provide both precision and accuracy that you want in low light, such as hunting at night.
  • Secondly, 1x -4x magnification is best for faster target pinpointing and acquisition. 
  • A scope that calibrates at 35 or 50 yards is best for increasing the accuracy level. 
  • Arrow trajectory is also an essential factor that matters a lot in terms of accuracy. So a well-experienced person will hit more accurately.
  • It prefers multi-crosshair scopes that provide more accuracy in low light.
  • Proper mounting is necessary for achieving accuracy.

Shooting Range

The shooting range depends on the bow and scope type. The modern field of a crossbow shooting is around 500 meters. However, an ideal shooting range for more accuracy is 180 to 200 meters. 

Hence, for more precise and accurate targeting shooting range should be least as possible. If you are looking for a hunting purpose, you have a clean shot over an animal’s vital organs. It is ethical as well as necessary for legal shooting or hunting purposes.


1. What is the best crossbow scope on the market?

It becomes challenging to choose one from the above-described products. All are top-rated crossbow scope on the market. However, deciding on the top preference, TenPoint EVO-X Marksman is the best crossbow scope in the market with remarkable features.

2. What is the best crossbow for 2020?

UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope is the best crossbow for 2020 due to its excellent combo of illuminated and boasting magnification system. You can achieve the maximum level of brightness with its branded lens that makes it superb for shooting and hunting. 

3. Can you put any scope on a crossbow?

Yes, you can put a scope on a crossbow, but it should be a riflescope. 

4. What is a good FPS for a crossbow?

FPS that is between 300-450 is suitable for a crossbow. For example, TenPoint EVO-X Marksman holds different speed and arrow drop-compensation settings that provide shooting between 330 & 450 FPS. 

5. Which is the better bow or crossbow?

It depends on crossbow accuracy and durability. They are achieved only if eye relief, magnification, the field of view of the crossbow scope is the acquisition target.

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