10 Best Home Theater Projectors under $1000

Are you one of those seeking to brighten up your dull evenings with your friends or families practicing social distancing? 

No one can go to the theatre every weekend, whether it’s a pandemic or not! But wait! You can enjoy such a cinema-like movies watching experience in the comfort of your home. You can quickly turn your basement into a cinema with these best budget projectors.

These projectors are not as same as the standard business projectors you see in the offices. These home theatre projectors are way more equipped and have a higher resolution than the business projectors. 

Choosing the best home theater projectors under $1000 can be a tricky one for you, but you don’t need to load your mind with extra stress now. Our experts have spent hours reviewing the best home theater Projectors under $1000 that’ll help you get a spark in your dull days. 

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  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 70,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 2,700 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.6x
  • Connectivity: HDMI 
  • Display Technology: 3LCD
Who doesn’t want an extraordinary resolution when it comes to watching your favorite TV show or movie? But what if your projectors keep you away from such immersive graphics and brilliant visuals
We don’t want this to happen anymore. That’s one of the reasons why we have got this Epson 2250 Wireless Projector at the top of our list.


It features the unmatchable 1080P resolution to bring true-to-life pictures in front of you. Not only this but this way, you can even place the projector 11 feet away from the white screen. Yet, the result will be the same – brilliant picture quality and immersive colorful display!

The resolution solely cannot play a significant role in bringing the cinema-like quality to the comfort of your home. That’s where the dynamic contrast ratio comes into play.

This projector can push the limits to get rich detailing and enhanced projection that makes the dark scenes look good. It has a contrast ratio of 70000:1. It makes a winning combination with the improved projection technology for image enhancement and smoothening.


A projector without enough brightness can ruin the whole fun with its dull, dark, and granny picture quality. We won’t let that happen! This projector has a brightness of 2700 lumens, ideal for all types of TV shows, songs, movies, and more. This brightness level is not just for the white but all colors!


Stream your favorite TV shows, HD movies, and even games with it. This projector supports all the MHL-enabled devices. It comes with an HDMI hardware interface that helps you connect with any HDMI port device. Plug it directly in the AC voltage (10 watts).

  • Amazing dynamic contrast ratio
  • Wireless screen mirroring
  • Supports MHL enabled devices
  • Speakers are loud
  • Bluetooth connection doesn’t have any use
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Contrast Ratio: 12,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 2,200 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.2x
  • Connectivity: Dual HDMI and USB
  • Display Technology: XPR


What if we tell you that you’re going to love our next pick which is the ViewSonic True Projector? The reason is its True 4K technology. It has pixel dimensions of 3840×2160, which leverages the projector to display quality visuals, 4K clarity, and an FHD sharp image.

There is nothing more than you can expect from the best home-theatre projector in this range! Apart from the 4K visuals, the projector’s long range makes sure that you don’t get a blurry and grainy image even from a distance of 25 feet.

Moreover, it comes with a powerful XPR projection technology and a rugged long-range lamp that increase the resolutions and range. Apart from all such features, the integrated HDR processing of signals can project the HDR visuals to your white screen for a more prosperous and grain-free image.


Getting cinematic colors and an illuminated view at the same time seems to be a dream! Not anymore now. This ViewSonic PX727-4K brings a bright image via its 2200 Lumens brightness level.

Things are not confined to this, the projector supports the RGBRGB color wheel with Rec.709 and Rec.2020 which enhances the overall movie watching experience. Next up is its powerful lamp that makes it possible to brighten up even the dull and dark scenes of movies. Also, the lamp can shine brightly for up to 15000 hours.


Dual HDMI connectivity makes sure that you won’t get any delays while setting it up. This way, you’ll have no worries about what ports’ options you have on your laptop. Not this, but this projector also has a USB port to connect dongle devices.

  • Long lamp life
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • Dual HDMI/supports Dongle
  • Not suitable for game stream
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 50,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 3,600 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.3x
  • Connectivity: HDMI 2.0, 2.2 Optical Out
  • Display Technology: XPR


This next-generation Optoma HD28HDR projector is here with its 1080P quality resolution. It brings a sharp and colorful display to your screen. The thing unique in it is that this projector supports the 4K input and projects the 1080P resolution at its maximum settings.

A 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio works in combination with HDR10 technology which renders the detailed images without any downscaling. This advanced technology brings more sharpness and distinguishes the highlights and shadows to get clear visualsAlso, it contains what most of the projectors lack; the deep black level!


You cannot deny the powerful and fully illuminated lamp! That’s where this Optoma fits best to help you get the right level of brightness to yield brilliant graphics. 
This projector features a 3600 Lumens brightness level and a six colors wheel (RYGCWB) for immersive colorful visuals. Not only this, but the projector is equipped with the sRGB and Rec.709 color profiles to enhance the user’s experience.


HDMI 2.0 is the port that lets you input the 4K visuals to project them in 1080P resolution without any compression. It also supports many dongle devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV. 

  • More image depth
  • 16ms fast response time
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Game Display Mode
  • Small menu screen
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 500,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 3,600 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.1x
  • Connectivity: HDMI CEC
  • Display Technology: DLP DMD


This Optoma HD146X features a crisp and clear quality. Along with high-definition images and a 1080P resolution to bring detailed pictures.

No need to go to the cinema and buy tickets for you and your family when you can enjoy the optimized picture quality at home. It comes with an RYGCWB color cycle which is a perfect combination with 1920×1080 pixels. It yields extraordinary color correction and offers a cinema-like experience.

It has a DLP DMD single-chip design for perfect picture alignment. That’s right! The picture alignment is one hell of a setup task when you need to watch a movie at home, but not anymore.


With the lights view-on, this projector has a 3600 lumens brightness and a perfect view even in the dim lightThis highly illuminated view can distinguish the highlights and shadows to boost the crisp quality
Along with the brightness, these come to a boosted game display mode that enhances the blacks and illuminated portions for games only.
The Dynamic Black Technology helps you provide more depth and smoothen the display with a brilliant 500,000:1 contrast ratio. These features bring bright and dark scenes in a more detailed manner.


The projector has the HDMI CEC technology to turn it ON/OFF, HDMI connections are way more effective than any other type and control all the links via the HDMI-Link feature.

  • Lights-On View
  • Faster response time
  • Dynamic Black Technology
  • Low lamp brightness
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 22,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 3,800 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.1x
  • Connectivity: HDMI 1.4, VGA, Mini USB
  • Display Technology: SVGA DLP


This ViewSonic PA503S comes with an enhanced DLP projection technology that can project sharp visuals and immersive colors even from 120-inches of distance
You may watch a movie with a distance of 15-feet and 8-inches away from the display with this best ViewSonic projector. Further, the contrast ratio of 22,000:1 is another dynamic feature of this best SVGA projector.


It consists of 38,000 lumens of brightness, so you can get this SVGA projector for illuminating your cinematic world. Further, its lamp life of 15,000 hours makes it the preferred choice for you.


It supports a flexible connection with authorized MHL devices such as media players, Macs, VGA, 3.5mm Audio out, mini USB, etcAdditionally, the HDMI hardware interface feature makes it more accessible for connection with several HDMI port devices.
  • Easy setup.
  • Best to use for education 
  • Compatible with DVD players, Amazon FireTV, and Mac computers.
  • Sometimes a voltage converter is required
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 (SVGA)
  • Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 3,300 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.3x
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB
  • Display Technology: 3LCD


Watching favorite shows on the big screen at home is a dream of everyone. Are you also craving for this but don’t have enough budget? No worries! Now you can enjoy big-screen entertainment with the Epson Home Cinema 660 portable projector in an affordable range. 

It comes with 800 × 600 HD Resolution, giving you bright and colorful viewing experience. You can get life-sized images up to 300″ for watching shows, movies, or multiplayer video games. The Epson home cinema projector holds innovative 3LCD Technology. It delivers beautiful and breathtaking images without the rainbow effect.

The Epson 660 comes with a 15000:1 contrast ratio, making display colors stand out brighter and vibrant. You can easily differentiate between shades of black, even in your darker rooms. 

Moreover, this contrast ratio makes it convenient for you to read the display, especially in well-lighted rooms and from a distance. So it gives a cozy feel to your eyes and prevents fatigue and stress. 


Enjoy the theatre like Brightness while watching shows at your home with this best home theatre projector under$1000. It features 3300 lumens of equal color and white Brightness and ideal for a variety of lighting conditions. It is perfect for watching your favorite movies, shows, and playing games. 
Moreover, it holds a 15-element Glass Lens Structure. It provides outstanding overall Brightness and focuses uniformity. Further, the 3-Axis Precision Motorized lens gives you the option of moving the lens into your desired location. So the Epson 660 is an all-in-one package to alluring your home and providing cinema-like entertainment at home


The Epson Home Theatre Projector gives you a variety of connectivity options. It comes with an HDMI cable, VGA cable, and a USB connector. So you can easily connect your satellite box, Blue-ray Disc player, gaming console. Moreover, you can easily stream your favorite content from devices like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Portable projector with 3LCD Technology
  • Excellent Brightness even in a well-lit room
  • Various connectivity options support HDMI
  • No 3D support
  • Quiet built-in Audio
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 8,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 7000 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.2x
  • Connectivity: HDMI, AV, USB
  • Display Technology: 3LCD


The highly remarkable YABER Y30 Native Projector with HD resolution is a standout option for illuminating your entertainment world. This best projector support 4D video at 1920*1080 resolutions. 
No doubt its HD resolution makes it excellent, but its other key feature also plays an essential role in its excellence. The contrast ratio of 8000:1 gives clear and precise images without any compression. This contrast ratio provides conspicuous and clarity.
This projector holds color accuracy, amazingly. It recommends 3 meters of viewing distance to sitters. This 1080P HD Resolution Projector retains horizontal and vertical keystone correction. 
Its five-layer combo of glasses lens guaranteed the best cinematic visualization ever. Moreover, its chip consists of a millenary of reflective lenses for faster switching of scenes.


Brightness is a second dynamic feature for watching HD movies and dramas in a cinematic visualization. Therefore, make a memory of beautiful scenes in your eyes with this native projector. 
This best YABER Y30 Native Projector remarkably consists of 7,000 lumens of brightness. Moreover, its remarkable brightness (lumens) makes it a perfect choice for cinematic lovers. Its high luster and a lamp life of 100000 hours force you to buy it for home theatre.


Stream the fancied HD movies and favorite shows by connecting this best YABER Y30 Native Projector. It consists of 2*HDMI ports, VGA and AV ports, and 2*USB ports. Therefore, it can easily connect with Amazon FireTV, Google Chromecast, Tablet, Stick (USB), card reader, DVD, CD players, etc.
  • Vast compatibility.
  • Best use for both homes and small businesses.
  • HiFi Stereo Audio Projector.
  • A firmware upgrade issue occurs.
  • Can’t support 4k videos format with a USB stick connection.
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 23,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 3000 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.1x
  • Connectivity: HDMI
  • Display Technology: 3D DLP


Everyone wants a dream screen while watching a movie or a drama of his or her interest. This dream screen will give an idealized view of HD resolution. 

Optoma HD142X is an eternally the best choice for home theater that supports 1080P resolution. Its native and fixed resolution brings real happiness to your life and adds more fun. 

Assuredly, its HD resolution makes it the best one, but its dynamic features make a real theater environment in the home. Its HDR feature provides a dynamic range of images with more clarity.

Moreover, the contrast ratio of 23,000:1 is another feature that makes it the fittest combination for a viewer’s eye. A multi-color display with 709 Rec. assures a cinematic scene to a movie lover. You can even fit it 12 feet away from the sitting arrangement. Thus, try this best projector to illuminate your entertainment world.


As we all know, a flat-screen will diminish the enjoyment of beautiful scenes. So brightness is a necessary element for a beautiful cinematic view. Yet, with this best Optoma projector, you can see any movie in amazing quality as it holds 3,000 lumens of illumination
This brightness enlightens your eyes. Besides, it has a summer brightness feature for backyard night’s movies. Further, its extended lamp life will ensure an average of three to four hours of watch time.


Buy and connect this projector at your home and stream your desired shows and movies live. An HDMI hardware interface comes with it for connectivity with all types of HDMI port devices. Further, it supports all MHL authorized tools for connection such as VGA-in, audio 3.5mm, VGA-out, USB, etc.
  • Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Best choice for summer night movies
  • Easy to install and connect.
  • Troubleshooting problems occur sometimes.
  • Lack of Wi-Fi connection
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 6500 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.6x
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, Bluetooth, dual HDMI, USB, VGA
  • Display Technology: LCD


The innovative Dual-channel photograph era guarantees you that the pixels are unique and of excessive-fidelity.
This first-class projector provides you with the 1080P FHD resolution. Also, a 2K/4K support for a clean-to-use platform for sharing media with big corporations of people. Given that, they run on android running systems via the dual-channel. 
The following Android projectors strike the correct resolution stability with its 60Hz frequency and a 100M bit rate. The unique ACC photograph enhancement era makes the image wealthy in color.


Optical sensing guarantees brightness and darkness. What makes this projector worth buying is its six layers big-caliber lens. With a brightness degree of 6500 lumens, the Gzunelic projector may be used irrespective of the room’s ambient lights
This projector may even be utilized in vast daylight. And because it’s an android projector complete HD, you’ll be capable of seeing clean crystal images.
There are vital functions that make Generic one of the brightest at the market. One, it’s outfitted with a splendid 230-watt US Cree lamp. Two, it has six layers of excessive transparency lined glass lens in preference to the traditional resin ones.


Another plus of this Android projector is that it’s well suited with unique enter devices. With the HDMI, VGA, Ethernet port, you could use this android projector for pc, computer, or DVD. 
It’s additionally excellent as a gaming display, permitting you to attach a PS3, PS4, or Xbox. The audio port helps you join it to headphones or an outside speaker even as the USB port enables you to enter a rigid disk or U-disk.
  • The setup technique is pretty simple.
  • Multiple connectivity options 
  • The menu may be very clean to study in addition to extract
  • Audio features need enhancement.
  • Not light-weight 
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
  • Image Brightness: 7000 Lumens
  • Zoom: 1.1x
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB, SD, AV, TV
  • Display Technology: TFT LCD


The XINDA Home Theatre Projector is here to double the joy of your entertainment at home. It features the most advanced German LED light source with a max display of 400″ and an HD resolution of 1080 pixels. This projectors bright screen delivers you crystal-clear video quality with perfect color accuracy.
Other than that the projector supports a screen mirror Smartphone and lets you amuse the big screen. So your eyes can enjoy the comfort zone for watching movies and playing games. 
This affordable projector under $1000 mesmerizes your amusement level to new heights with a high contrast ratio of 10000:1. It delivers sharp and detailed images with HD content. The native resolution offers you an eye-popping display without downscaling and compressing the image quality. Also, it brings you a real home theatre experience.


Enjoy the cinematic experience at your home with this projector. Yes, it’s true! The XINDA projector comes with 7000 lumens. It gives you outstanding sharpness and Brightness while watching movies and shows. 
The upgraded LED light source adds up TFT LCD Display technology that decreases light attenuation. It delivers +80% more brightness than ordinary projectors and gives you sharp and clear images, even with a little light on. The XINDA Home Projector will bring you real theatre experience both indoor and outdoor.


The XINDA Projector gives you multi-function inputs as it supports HDMI, VGA, USB, SD, AV, and TV input. You can connect the projector with a PC, Laptop, DVD/VCD player, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and stream your favorite music
You can play your favorite games on its big screen by connecting Playstation PS3/PS4, or XBOX via HDMI port. Moreover, the XINDA projector supports the MHL function so that you can join it with a Smartphone or iPad through WI-FI Display Dongle
  • Advanced LED Light source
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Multi-connections for versatile connectivity
  • No support for Dolby sound
  • The main menu has no brightness settings.

Buyer's Guide

These days, many people prefer to buy home theatre projectors to enhance their amusement at home. But wait! Do you know what features you need? The projectors from significant manufacturers have their unique strengths and characteristics. 
So you must be confused and face puzzlement before buying them. Also, you don’t want to spend much money to get a high-quality image. Here, you will get to know all the essential aspects to consider before buying the best home theatre projectors under $1000. Ok, let’s move on. 


First of all, you should know about the resolution as it is an essential aspect of giving cinematic-like video at homeAs the resolution gets higher, each pixel’s size gets smaller. It makes the images look more vibrant and seamless. 
Nearly all suitable home theatre projectors come with Full HD 600p, 1080p or 2160p. They can work with up to 4K video sources. So make sure the projector must hold a minimum of 1080p resolution to give you a perfect watching experience


One of the most critical specifications for projectors is Brightness. It describes how much light a projector can create. Moreover, it determines how bright the image is and how big you can make it. So how many lumens do you need? 
Typically home theatre projectors have a brightness of 1000-7000 lumens. Higher Brightness will keep the picture looking crisp in a room with more ambient light. However, a 2000-lumen projector will create a bright, watchable image. But 3000 and over will be very bright and give a theatre-like experience at home.

Chip Technology

Mainly there are three technology types when it comes to projector chips; DLP, LCD, and LCos. Let’s have a look!


  • No motion blur
  • Widest range of prices
  • Average color, though that’s not inherent in the Technology.


  • Budget to mid-range projectors
  • Motion blur
  • Color may be better


  • Mid-to high-end projectors
  • Motion Blur
  • Color is often perfect

These chips manipulate the light into an actual image and are designed with their specific features. It would be best if you considered them before purchasing the best home theatre projectors under $1000. 

Contrast Ratio

If you want to enjoy the real home theatre experience at your home, you should consider the contrast ratioIt is the most crucial picture quality factor as it can produce an image with deeper blacks and more ultra-fine color detail. Many home theatre projectors have built-in settings. They let you reduce Brightness and boost contrast for the best viewing experience.
Moreover, some high-definition 4K projectors have HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability. It delivers a more excellent picture contrast. Therefore, if you want to stream services like Netflix and Blu-ray, you need a projector having a good contrast ratio.


Do you want to mesmerize theatres like experience at your home with your favorite shows and games? Then you must consider the connections of the projector you are going to purchase. Mostly home theatre projectors come with:

  • HDMI
  • AV
  • USB
  • VGA
  • TV
  • MHL

If you want to stream music or shows through your Smartphone or iPad, make sure your projector should support the MHL function. With HDMI and VGA cables, you can connect your PC, Laptop, DVD, and Playstation and enjoy movies, parties, and games. Now wireless HDMI function is also available for those who want to connect their components to the projector without running cables across the floor. 

A Few More Features To Consider:

Lens Shift:

For most placement options, you should consider that the projector should hold Lens Shift. It permits you to move the projected image up or down, left or right while keeping the projector immobile. So you can position the projector off-center about your screen and get a perfect actual picture.

Ultra short throw (UST):

UST projectors can help you amuse the big-screen theatre experience in your living rooms. They simplify installation and can be placed directly under the screen, on a low table, or credenza. In this way, you will not bear any hassle with ceiling mounting or long cables.

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