Best Gaming Mice Under $100

You must be here after a bad experience given from the previous faulty gaming mouse you had.
If that’s the reason, you would need the best gaming mouse right away. But if you want the best gaming mice under a $100 budget, you are at the right place! 
Finding the best gaming mouse under $100 is a difficult task, especially when you have a lot of options to choose from. Many gaming mice have different features and prices, however, it depends on you.
If you play FPS shooting types of games, you need a mouse with some features that are a must. While if you play real-time games, you would need a simple gaming mouse on a budget with extensive features. 
So to make it easy for you, we’ve shortlisted some of the 11 best gaming mice under $100, these include the best mice for different types of games. Let’s wait no further and move on to the in-depth reviews.

Which are the best gaming mice under $100?

  1. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse
  2. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
  3. Logitech G600
  4. Redragon M908
  5. UtechSmart Venus Pro
  6. Logitech G602
  7. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse
  8. Corsair Nightsword
  9. SteelSeries Sensei Ten Neon Rider Edition Gaming Mouse
  10. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse
  11. HyperX Pulsefire Core

1. Razer Naga Trinity – Best MMO Gaming Mouse

If you have some knowledge about gaming equipment, you won’t take long to figure out how Razer makes its gaming products.  Razer has been in the gaming market for many years, they’ve made a lot of gaming mice as well as gaming keyboards. This Naga trinity mouse is also one of their best quality products.

It features a high-accuracy 16000 DPI optical sensor which is quite rare to find as it offers sensitivity adjustments through the buttons on the side of the mouse. This gaming mouse contains many buttons on both sides, which is best for professional gamers. It lets you adjust most features easily; these 12 buttons are reprogrammable.  

You can remap any feature for each button with the Razer Synapse software. Moreover, the most amazing feature in this best gaming mouse under $100 is that it has full modular customizability.

  • Extremely Durable
  • Smooth
  • Lights make it look amazing
  • Scroll wheel increases grip
  • High sensitivity
  • Double clicking issues are faced sometimes

2. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Moving on to this simple gaming mouse, this best gaming mouse under $100 is also built by Razer. It features hyper-speed wireless connectivity with your PC. So you don’t need to worry about any wire disturbing you while playing. Thus this one is especially best for those who don’t like wires around their PC.

The dual-mode 2.4GHz and BLE wireless connectivity allow you to connect to 2 PCs. It would be best for you if you play on 2 different gaming PCs or Laptops.

Furthermore, It is powered by the popular advanced 5G optical sensor, which makes the gaming mouse responsive than ever. The optical sensor produces 16000 Dots per inch sensitivity, which lets you play any game that requires high sensitivity. It gives you a 99.4% tracking accuracy. This hyper-speed wireless technology gives the lowest latency and reduction ever, you will be amazed to see its response time. 

Besides, it has 6 buttons that are reprogrammable. While using a Razer mouse or keyboard, you don’t have to worry about its customizations. That can easily get adjusted with the Razer Synapse 3 software.

Other than that it is equipped with a high-performance battery which can last for up to 450 hours, can you imagine? Yet, if you are one the hyper-speed mode, it can work for 285 hours. In addition, it is compatible with all PC; it connects to any computer through Bluetooth. So make sure you have Bluetooth on the gaming PC or gaming laptop.

Talking about the design, it has a very sleek and simple look. However, it doesn’t include lighting which may be a negative point for you. But if the lighting doesn’t matter for you, this best gaming mouse under $100 can be taken into consideration

  • Extremely high sensitivity
  • Simple design
  • Dual-mode connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Reprogrammable buttons
  • No lights are there

3. Redragon M908 Gaming Mouse

Redragon is the 2nd best company for gaming accessories. They are known for their attractive and amazing design. Previously Redragon’s gaming keyboard also came as the 1st one in our list of gaming keyboards. Yet, this time Razer took the 1st position. Let’s not wait further and get started.


So this best gaming mouse under $100 features a wired design with ultra-fast sensitivity of 12,400 DPI, along with 5 adjustable DPI levels. These levels help you adjust the sensitivity according to the game or any other daily task; you can adjust it from the range 100DPI to 12400 DPI.

Other than that, it has a polling rate of 1000Hz which is quite good for an affordable gaming mouse. Besides, the 30G accelerating and the high accuracy pix art PAW3327 sensor gives you the best gaming experience ever. Also, it has a tracking speed of 200 IPS, which is considered a fast one.


Yes, RGB backlights are included in this gaming mouse; just like the Razer Naga, it has a wide variety of 16.8 million colors. However, if you don’t like to have backlights, you can disable them with only one touch. 

It contains 8 RGB backlit modes, which also include the rainbow mode, full lighted, and many more. These modes and lights can be adjusted by the Redragon software.


Furthermore, the gaming mouse has 18 programmable buttons. That’s insane. Not finished yet, these 18 buttons have 5 memory profiles each with a different backlight color. This not only allows you to identify the buttons quickly but also helps you in playing without any problem. It has 7 buttons and 12 MMO programmable side buttons

This can work for you if you want a comfortable and accurate gaming experience. Of course, it depends on different games, but no need to worry it will work with all games with high accuracy and responsiveness. Besides, it comes with 8 weight tuning sets which allow you to change the weight that is best for the game you are playing.


Talking about the design, it has a very smooth feels with an advanced scroll wheel which increases your grip while gaming. Besides, it is 100% durable with a 6ft braided fiber cable. Thus to conclude, I would personally recommend this gaming mouse as it gives a very high-end look and feels.

  • Compatible with all operating system
  • 18 programmable button
  • Wide range of backlight modes
  • Extremely durable
  • High adjustable sensitivity
  • Software is not that good
  • Side buttons are a bit harder to click

4. Logitech G600

Logitech as you already know is making quality gaming products for years. Yet this time they have come up with the all-new Logitech G600 gaming mouse.


The high-precision laser tracking this gaming mouse has is up to 8200 dpi. The DPI shift lets you change the sensitivity of your mouse as you like ranging from 50 to 8200DPI. Also, all these buttons can be reprogrammed whenever you want to.


Moreover, it doesn’t have an attractive LED backlight around the mouse. However, the button is powered by a very elegant light that can get adjusted. Logitech has given more than 16 million colors to choose from each profile. Also, you can add personalized game modes for different games.


This Logitech G600 features the amazing 22 MMO tuned buttons. It has 12 rare thumb panel buttons which not only make it responsive but also increase the sensitivity of the mouse. It is equipped with a G shift button that quickly doubles the number of actions for each button. Honestly, this feature is my personal favorite.


Talking about the design, this best gaming mouse under $100 has a very simple and sleek design. Most people prefer simple gaming mice as they are easy to use and have more accuracy, so if you are a simple gamer, this one can be shortlisted.

The polytetrafluoroethylene material reduces the friction to zero. It means that you can use this gaming mouse on any surface with smoother motions. Thus this in turn increase the accuracy of the mouse, this material at the bottom makes the cursor precise.

  • Dual-dish thumb panel is amazing
  • 20 MMO-tuned buttons
  • Affordable
  • The backlight is only for the buttons
  • The software has some bugs

5. UtechSmart Venus Pro

Utechsmart Is a quite new brand in the market, they have made a couple of gaming products for many months. However, now they’ve come up with his best gaming mouse under $100. So let’s not wait and check out its main features.


So this gaming mouse is powered by a 16000 DPI sensor which can never let you down when talking about sensitivity. If you don’t know, this optical sensor is the one of best that a gaming mouse can offer. It is very rare to find the best gaming mice under $100 with more than 16000DPI. This sensor is the most accurate one; it has 5 DPI Switchable stages ranging from 100 to 16000. You can adjust to any of the stages that suit your game. Also, it has a polling rate of 1000Hz.

Besides, the dual-mode feature with ultra-fast speed gives you the most high-end fast performance. This feature is backed up by a 2.4GHz data transmission technology.

Battery Life

Moreover, it has an extended battery life which allows you to play even all day with the amazing wireless mode. With only one full charge, this wireless mode lasts for up to 70 hours. Gamers who play for long sessions know how this feature helps you in gaming.


Other than that, it comes with some amazing RGB lighting buttons which are fully customizable. These lights again have more than 16 million colors and 4 programmable RGB modes. To adjust this mode and lights, Utechsmart has given software that helps you customize your mouse as you want to.


Furthermore, the gaming mouse has 18 programmable buttons. That’s insane. Not finished yet, these 18 buttons have 5 memory profiles each with a different backlight color. This not only allows you to identify the buttons quickly but also helps you in playing without any problem. It has 7 buttons and 12 MMO programmable side buttons

This can work for you if you want a comfortable and accurate gaming experience. Of course, it depends on different games, but no need to worry it will work with all games with high accuracy and responsiveness. Besides, it comes with 8 weight tuning sets which allow you to change the weight that is best for the game you are playing.


At last, the design, this best gaming mouse under $100 is designed to give you a comfortable experience. It totally eliminates wrist injuries which can happen with excessive use of the mouse. The grinding coating on the mouse increases the friction of the mouse to give you a sweat-free experience.

  • The grinding coating absorbs all the sweat on your hand
  • Compatible with all Operating systems
  • Long Battery life
  • Wireless mode is amazing
  • Some People have experienced triggering of wrong buttons while playing
  • No support

6. Logitech G602

Again with us, but this time the model is different. This Logitech G602 is also a very simple gaming mouse. It is equipped with 11 programmable buttons that can be remapped easily with the software.

This one is a wireless mouse that allows you to play for up to 250 hours, it has amazing Polaroid AA batteries. This best gaming mouse under $100 comes with power-saving features. It helps you provide high-accuracy gaming without battery issues. Also, it will give you the best lag-free gaming experience. 

Besides, the delta Zero sensor technology lets you put the mouse on any surface. With these features, you don’t even need a trackpad. Other than that, it has an optical sensor of 2500 DPI which is a bit low from the above-listed gaming mice.

Yet, you are able to adjust between 250 to 2500 DPI. This kind of DPI is not too bad; you will be able to play any game without any problem. The buttons on this mouse have a pretty long life and are rated to withstand up to 20 million clicks.

This rating of buttons is quite high for an affordable gaming mouse. You are able to play for almost 3 to 4years with this mouse. It gives a comfortable experience to the gamer using this gaming mouse; with the palm-shaped grip, it won’t let your wrist have any pain or injuries. 

  • Wireless technology
  • Very Comfortable
  • Customized buttons
  • High performance
  • Fast processor
  • No RGB lights
  • Low DPI sensor
  • It is a bit large

7. Corsair Night sword

Corsair has been in the gaming market for years, they have been making gamers happy with their amazing gaming accessories. Yet, this time we have the corsair night sword. 

So this best FPS/MOBA gaming mouse comes with an 18000 DPI optical sensor, this is completely astonishing. As I said before, it is very difficult to find a gaming mouse with more than 16000DPI sensors. 

This 18000DPI sensor is completely adjustable; you can set any DPI modes according to your game sensitivity.  This best gaming mouse under $100 has a tunable weight of 119 g to 114 g. The reason for these two weights is that the corsair exclusive software detects the mouse’s Centre of gravity allowing you to adjust to any of them. 

Moreover, it comes with 10 fully programmable buttons which simply means that you can customize any of them as you like.  Also, it is equipped with RGB lights with millions of colors which can also be changed with the software. It is completely durable and comfortable.

The built-in contoured shape fits your hands naturally and to increase the grip, it is covered with high-performance rubber. This gaming mouse is a must for you if you play for long sessions and like to have the best environment. It comes in 2 colors, black and white, you can choose from any of them that fits your setup the best.

  • Adjustable weight
  • High DPI sensor
  • Programmable buttons
  • RGB lights
  • Not that durable

8. SteelSeries Sensei Ten Neon Rider Edition Gaming Mouse

Moving on to the steel series sensei ten neon rider gaming mouse, this one is a very sporty gaming mouse. It comes with a built-in decay which makes it look attractive. So it too features an optical sensor of 18000CPI and this sensitivity can be adjusted. This high amount of sensitivity allows you to play any game you like without any problem. 

Most importantly, this gaming mouse is the neon rider edition, so it has some extra features. It comes with a TrueMove pro sensor which is also built and designed by Steelseries and Pixart. Thus this sensor has the fastest tracking speed of 450 inches per second. If you want the best gaming mice under $100 with high sensitivity, this one might be the one for you. 

Furthermore, this mouse is backed up by an extremely comfortable ambidextrous design that doesn’t let your wrist have any sort of pain. With this shape, it can be used by both left and right-handed players with the best grip.  Also, it is equipped with highly durable materials which are able to withstand any kind of wear and tear. 

Other than that, it can withstand up to 60 million clicks on the amazing mechanical switches. This means that the gaming mouse is 100% durable and can work for a longer time period. Talking about the lights, this best SteelSeries gaming mouse comes with RGB lighting with millions of colors.  The lights can be adjusted by the steel series software.

Besides, it has 8 reprogrammable buttons. At last, this Neon rider edition gaming mouse has an amazing tilt tracking feature. It maintains stability issues and decreases the tracking issues of the mouse. Thus with this feature, you will get a responsive gaming mouse with no response time delays.

  • Tilt Tracking is amazing
  • 100% stable
  • No tracking errors
  • RGB lights are there
  • Very lightweight
  • Silicone sides don’t feel good
  • Can get heated some time
  • The cord is a bit stiff

9. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer’s Mamba wireless gaming mouse is also a good option if you are looking for affordable best gaming mice under $100. The design of the gaming mouse is very simple and unique. 

It is equipped with the 5G advanced optical sensor of 16000DPI which allows this mouse to produce ultra-fast sensitivity. Also, it can be customized with the help of a few buttons installed in this gaming mouse. There are 7 programmable buttons that help you edit any feature of the mouse.  

Furthermore, Chroma RGB colors are also present in it. So you will get amazing and attractive lights with extensive features at an affordable price. The colors produce amazing effects that make your environment look good. 

The Razer Mamba is coated with a rubber on top of it which not only increases the grip of using it but also absorbs all the sweat on your hand. Most gaming mice don’t have this feature, yet if you’re hand sweat a lot while playing, you can get this one.

Additionally, it reduces wrist or hand fatigue with its comfortable design.  The Scroll wheel which is made up of rubber provides you the best and full accuracy. Its material is perfect which doesn’t even lose grip. This scroll wheel material helps you with more controlled scrolling while you are playing. Most importantly, this gaming mouse is wireless.

It is integrated with a multi-day long battery which can last for up to 50 hours after only a single charge. 50 hours mean 2 days! Isn’t this surprising? One rare feature that this gaming mouse had was the hybrid onboard memory.

It automatically saves all the data for 5 profiles. Honestly, I would love to have a feature like this in my gaming mice. You can save the data for each game and can choose accordingly, the data is always stored in the mouse.

  • Wireless
  • Can last up to 50 hours
  • Affordable
  • Hybrid onboard memory is amazing
  • Very comfortable
  • Responding time is slow
  • LED’s are not that good
  • Requires a username and password when logging in

10. HyperX Pulsefire Core

The last mouse we have on our list is the Pulsefire Surge gaming mouse which is built by the famous company HyperX. So this gaming mouse also has a simple design and is powered by the 16000 DPI optical sensor. The sensor-equipped in this gaming mouse is the popular Pixart 3389 Sensor, don’t forget, it is one of the best sensors for gaming mice. 

One feature which is most loved about this gaming mouse is the 360 degrees RGB lighting mode. When you turn it on, the light gives an amazing and attractive design covering the whole body of the mouse.  Most mice have lights that come only from specific areas, yet this one gives the mouse an amazing look by producing light from all areas. 

Furthermore, the pulse fire has some of the best Omron switches which not only make the mouse faster but also reliable for all gamers. These switches have a click count of up to 50 million.  Besides, It comes with 6 programmable buttons with extensive adjustable ties.  The software is there to help you with anything regarding the customizations of the mouse. 

Other than that, the pulse fire also has cloud storage which can save up to 3 profiles in the software. These profiles can be easily accessed from the software anytime and anywhere. If we talk about comfort, you don’t need to worry about that. This best gaming mouse under $100 comes with a soft cloth for comfort and textured rubber for stability.

  • Very responsive
  • Lightweight
  • 360 LED mode is amazing
  • Software isn’t that good
  • Hands can get sweaty
  • Scroll wheel might cause a sound after using for some time

Best Gaming Mice Under $100 – Buyer’s Guide

Types of Gaming Mouse

When you think of buying the best gaming mice under $100, you need to have some information and features to check before getting the specific mouse. So here’s a buying guide of gaming mice under $100. There are 3 types of gaming mice in the market. But it depends on the type of games you play. There are games with different categories:

  • FPS (First Person Shooter)
  • MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online)
  • RTS (Real-Time Strategy)

Now most gamers play 2 of the above game categories. So get the gaming mouse that suits your game the best.

The Optical Sensor (DPI or CPI)

This one is the main feature to consider while buying a gaming mouse. The Optical sensor in a mouse refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and CPI stands for Count per inch) Now you would be wondering what this does.

This is basically a count of the times when the sensor will read the surface.  In simple words, if the DPI Or CPI count is higher, you wouldn’t need much space to put the mouse as the cursor will cover the screen after moving a few times. We suggest you buy the gaming mouse with the highest DPI sensor, the highest ones are from 12000 to 16000.


The design of the gaming mouse totally depends on you. Yet, some mice have a very simple design while some have professional and sleek designs. The simple ones are easier to use than the other ones which have a customized look like the Redragon M908 Gaming Mouse.

RGB Lights

Now I would personally recommend you to go for the best gaming mice under $100 with an extensive range of colors. However, it too depends on you, if you don’t have any lighting setup you can go for the ones with no lights.

Click Count

Click count is the total amount that a gaming mouse can withstand. For example, most gaming mice above have a minimum of 10 million click count. After it reaches 10 million or more clicks, it will fail. So it’s pretty simple, you can go for any mouse if you don’t play for longer sessions.

Polling Rate

Polling Rate refers to the frequency of transfer between the mouse and the PC. It is mostly measured in hertz. Thus it is an essential task to check the polling rate of a gaming mouse before buying. Yet, the best gaming mice have a polling rate ranging from 250 to 1000HZ. So choose wisely. 


A gaming mouse isn’t completed without some buttons. Most gaming mice reviewed above have at least 6 programmable buttons. These buttons are remapped with the help of the software provided by the company. Personally, I love this feature of reprogrammable buttons as they give you the best gaming experience.


Comfort is also one of the main features to be checked. Why would you need a gaming mouse that annoys you while playing? There are gamers who play for so many hours, if the material and the design don’t prevent any pain in the wrist or hand, don’t buy it. But don’t worry, all the above-mentioned gaming mice are comfortable and prevent any kind of pain or wrist injuries.

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