9 Best Drones under $300 | Ultimate guide

Best drones for kids

People can use drones as a Segway into their future careers buy building their interest overtime, and also help them focus their hobbies. Best drones under 300 are perfect tool for everyone because they serve as a cost-efficient way to expose people to modern day technology and its positive side effects, as well as the development for a guide to their future.

Drones are widely used now; people are buying affordable drones to for different uses, some are buying drones to make professional videos, some buy drones for their hobby while some people even use drones for races. 

Therefore now in 2023, there are at least 1000 drone companies who are making drones, some companies like DJI are making drones for professionals, who use drones for film making while some companies like Potensic are making drones for kids and beginners.

So to make it easy for you to choose between so many drones, we have reviewed the 9 best drones under $300.

best drones for kids

Lets see what you can get for your kids. Here we listed some of the best models money can buy

Which are the best drones under $300?

  1. K200 FPV RC 
  2. Potensic Upgraded A20 FireFLY Mini 
  3. Ewonderworld drone 
  4. Drocon Navigation 
  5. Potensic A30
  6. Drocon Foldable Mini RC 
  7. Eachine E61HW Quadcopter
  8. Snaptain S5C 
  9. Allcaca FPV RC 
Best Drones for kids

1. K200 FPV RC

Flying Time:  8 – 10 minutes

Operating Range: 30 – 40 meters

Charging Time: 30 – 100 minutes

This drone is the perfect device to introduce to people who are beginning to explore their passions in flying and quad copter control. It offers complex features that are easy to use, in order to expose flyer to leading the drone in a less intimidating way. 

This best drone under $300 comes equipped with a one key start and landing feature, as well as app control which allows the transmission of live 720p video directly to your phone through Wi-Fi connection. 

This 4 channel, 2.4 GHz, 6-Axis gyro copter also holds high altitudes, while retaining easy control through headless mode. Thus, it will work even if you’re on camping or hiking.


  • Stable (Not like other drones )
  • The camera on the drone is controlled by an app
  • Very attractive lights at night
  • Very flexible


  • Low battery life
  • Low Operating Range
Best drones for kids

2. Potensic Upgraded A20 FireFLY Mini 

Flying Time: 5 – 6 minutes

Operating Range: 50 – 60 meters

Charging Time: 35 Minutes

This best drone under $300 is more control focused, allowing for the person flying to become comfortable with the prospect of actually flying a drone, as opposed to learning advanced features. 

The speed and agility that this drone possesses are unparalleled in the rest of the beginner drone world as it offers adjustable speed levels and multi directional flight. The altitude hold and one key take-off and landing also help make control substantially easier, focusing more on motor skill development.


  • 1 Extra battery
  • Different speed levels
  • Altitude lock works well
  • Altitude hold
  • Small and stable


  • No lights for night Flying
  • No Camera
Best Drones for kids

3. Ewonderworld Drone

Flying Time: 7 – 8 minutes

Operating Range: 20 – 30 meters

Charging Time: 60 Minutes

The EWONDERWORLD drone is advertised as a perfect drone under $300  mainly for people who are first beginning to explore with these devices. It is marketed as a stunt drone that is easy to fly and offers high quality technological stimulation. 

Moreover, the durability of this drone makes it ideal for beginners and it can survive potential crashes while retaining its structure. Its lightweight frame and 6-axis gyroscope also contribute to its simple control and technological superiority.


  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to fly
  • Lights for night flying
  • Durable design


  • No Camera
Best drones for kids

4. Drocon Navigation 

Flying Time:  6 – 8 minutes

Charging Time:  75 Minutes

Operating Range:  80 meters

The altitude hold, one key takeoff/landing, and headless mode features on this drone are what attract everyone to buy this. While providing optimal technology through a 120wide-angle camera and real time phone transmission, this affordable drone simultaneously gives newcomers a chance to explore through its various safety features that ensure a secure learning experience for kids.


  • Headless mode
  • Altitude hold mode for beginners and kids
  • 2MP camera
  • 4GB memory card


  • Low flying time
  • Does not support flip function
best drones for kids

5. Potensic A30

Flying Time: 6 – 8 minutes

Operating Range: 50 meters

Charging Time:  60 Minutes

This mini drone/RC quad copter has easy control through a one key take-off and landing, as well as safety assurance through emergency landing, altitude hold, and auto hovering. 

The durable exterior of this drone also makes it fit for kids and adults as it can withstand impact. This drone also introduces technological elements in the form of altitude hold that allows for height maintenance.


  • Three speeds
  • Altitude hold
  • 2.4GHz control
  • Alarm of low battery & out of range


  • Does not have a camera
9 Best drones for kids

6. Drocon Foldable Mini RC Drone

Flying Time: 6 – 8 minutes

Operating Range: 30 – 50 meters

Charging Time:  60 Minutes

Along with the other best drones under $300 features we have so far explored; this drone brings a unique feature to the table: a foldable pocket design. 

It features a one-of-a-kind 360 rotation function, headless mode (for better control), and stability amongst others. This lightweight drone ensures a great aerial experience for all kids.


  • Strong stability
  • Folding design
  • Altitude mode


  • Very small
  • No labeling on the remote buttons
Best Drones for kids

7. EACHINE E61HW Quadcopter

Flying Time: 7-8 minutes

Operating Range: 100 meters

Charging Time: 45 Minutes

This quadcopter is definitely more technologically focused than the others. Consisting of Wi-Fi FPV, an HD camera (offering selfie mode), and real time transmission, this drone is easily transformed into a super drone. 

Along with previously explored features such as altitude hold and one key, the EACHINE copter has 3D rolling special effects and gravity mode, as well as 3D VR and trajectory flying.


  • HD camera & FPV real-time transmission
  • One key return
  • App control
  • Gravity mode


  • A bit difficult to fly
Best Drones for kids


Flying Time: 7 minutes

Operating Range: 80 – 100 meters

Charging Time: 70 – 90 Minutes

One of the most advanced drones yet, the Snaptain S5C is advertised as a user-friendly drone because of its one key start and landing. It offers smart voice control and flying features such as 360 flips and rolls. 

The video transmission provided by the Snaptain drone proves to be clear and efficient as clips are saved automatically to a micro SD card. Additionally, it enables long distance flight while building while working on speaking exercises. 


  • Smart Voice Control
  • Steady And Trackable
  • Gravity Control
  • FPV Real time Transmission


  • Not Good For Outdoors
  • Signals Issue
Best Drones for kids


Flying Time: 15 minutes

Operating Range: 120 meters

Charging Time: 120 Minutes

Moving on to more intermediate levels, this drone bridges the gap between beginner devices and more advanced copters. Starting with technology, this FPV drone provides a dual 720p camera with wide angles and real time transmission. 

Its continuation of an altitude hold feature allows for a comfortable flying experience, but also helps with aerial imagery. A new Follow Me mode makes hands-free flying possible, and its protective exterior keep safety in check.


  • Visual positioning
  • Follow me mode
  • 2 High Capacity Batteries
  • Adjustable Camera Angle


  • Hard Controller 

Best Drones under $300 - Buyer's Guide

Mostly these best drones under $300 are small and some are big, so the size of the drone matters on the buyer but the features that are recommended before buying are:

  • Battery Time: 6– 15 Minutes is best
  • Operating Range: Varies on the location you are flying
  • Durability: How powerful the drone is.
  • Speed: How fast the drone can go
  • Age Compatibility: Age matters a lot as the recommended age is perfect, so there’s no point of buying a drone that your kid can’t use.

Extra Things To Buy:

Some Extra Batteries: If you want to reduce the flying time which will reduce the time for waiting for battery to be fully charged.

Set of Propellers: So you don’t have to worry about propellers being broken, New Propellers can be easily fitted on the drone.